Monday, March 14, 2011

Whole30 shopping.

I did my first Whole30 shopping trip today. 4 hours, 1/4 tank of gas and $275 later I don't have everything on my list. I will say that some personal stuff started my day off in a bad mood anyway, but I still went, I needed to.

Earth Fare- The furthest from my house. it was ok, they didn't have a HUGE selection of produce and they didn't have a lot of other stuff I was looking for, but I did get some meat at their meat counter. They were pretty pricey compared to me unhealthy budget lol

Whole Foods- A little closer to my house, but still an hour away. They had a nice produce section (though expensive) and I got a bunch of meat from their meat department too. I found the coconut milk I was looking for and I got fresh raw coconut, but the shred is pretty fine and I was hoping for something thicker. Maybe i'll buy a coconut and shred my own.

The trip was a little difficult as well taking my 20 month old. He enjoys throwing things out of the cart when my back is turned and today I found he had ripped a hole in the pack of mushrooms and had one in his hand. He bit into it a few times and then handed it back to me.

I learned that organic produce is WAY more expensive than I had thought. Because of this I may have to stick to only going up there for meat and getting my produce closer to home, non-organic. Plus the Farmer's markets are opening in a month or so and I can get produce weekly there. Next paycheck I am going to go to the Sanford butcher shop and see what kind of meats they have compared to what I bought up in Raleigh today.

To be honest I left feeling a bit defeated. I still have things I need to buy and I didn't get enough produce for 2 weeks because it would go bad before we ate it. I had no thoughts that I would even be able to do that. But there are things I need for this week I didn't get, mainly because it was really hard maneuvering an unfamiliar store with a crabby toddler.

I am still really excited about starting tomorrow, but I am left feeling a little frustrated. So tomorrow morning I will make the breakfast I have planned and after Brennan and I will go to the local store for the other items I still need.

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