Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whole30 Day 13 - Breakfast

Typical breakfast, 2 eggs fried in pam spray. Though this time I used 2 of the leftover store brand eggs I bought for yesterday's breakfast and they really spread out a lot compared to the cage-free eggs I had been using. Didn't taste any different but it was more of a pain the flip over since the two eggs formed into one unit.

I have a lot of mixed feelings today. I'll get the bad feelings out of the way first so I can end on a happy note. I knew a few days into this that my SIL stopped eating Whole30. She never did it at home, but stopped taking food to work with her after the 1st day of working while on Whole30. I knew she had gone back to eating like before, but I was irritated she felt she couldn't just tell me. I am still continuing to cook and eat this way, so it doesn't matter what she does. But I guess her not telling me was upsetting me more because I never knew how much food to cook at each meal. Now I know 100% she isn't on board with me because she went to the store last night and bought some candy and breakfast bars. And you know what, more power to her. If she wants to eat that, that's cool. Not my thing anymore. I guess I am more upset that she didn't... trust? respect? some other word? me enough to just say "Hey, this isn't for me right now." And then tell me if she IS going to be eating the food I cook or isn't. Before Whole30 she usually kept the freezer stocked with a few lean cuisines and stuff like that for lunches but would always eat dinner. I am fine with that, I am also fine with making lunch for both of us. I guess I just need to know where she stands, because I am not stopping or quitting even when the 30/45 days is over. The proof is in the chocolate bar.

So onto something exciting. I keep weighing myself. Don't get down on me. I am a grown-up I can weigh myself every day if I want to. Anyway, I weighed myself today after nearly a week of dipping down to my 'low' from last week (loss of 7 pounds) and back up a pound, back down, back up, etc. It was frustrating. Today.. I am BELOW that 7 pound mark but a smidge and I'LL TAKE IT! w00t!

I know when I met my husband I was a lot smaller than I am now, but I never realized HOW small. I finally went out into the garage and got out all the clothes in boxes from the move that had been collecting dust in the top of my old closet. I washed them (mostly jeans) and sorted them today. My smallest size pant is a 9. NINE! I didn't think I was that small, though I suppose by today's standards a 9 isn't small, but whatev. I have a nice little stack of 14's to wear when I lose another 5 pounds or so, then I have a pair of 13's, a few 12's, a few 11's and a couple 9's that are not jeans and I probably won't wear one of them because they are from Hot Topic and have zippers allover them and I don't dress like that anymore. But still. I piled them on my dresser from biggest to smallest so when my current jeans get loose, I can grab something off the top and try it on!

I can't wait to have my own little jean's fashion show, complete with shinking muffin top! LOLzzz :)

ETA: I wanted to add a little extra thanks to my step-dad for answering my cooking questions all the time! (On FB and when I call asking how to cook meat :) ) Thanks Chris!!

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