Monday, March 7, 2011

I feel sick.

Our of sheer morbid curiosity, I decided to calculate my food expenses for the month of February. Now to explain, to decrease overdrafts in our account, we have an excel spreadsheet for every month. We have a place for every expense, including bills that add up into a slot for total expenses which subtracts from total deposits, this gives us our current available balance at any moment. (As long as we remember to get receipts for everything and enter them in, which we are pretty good about.) Since my husband left in August I have taken it further and every few weeks go in and compare expenses to the bank account online and mark the ones I have verified.

Now part of Feb. my husband was home from deployment for about a week and a half. I did not count the cost of our dinner on date night or the costs of dinners when we went to visit some friends in SC. I did count every walmart trip though as I have no idea if those were grocery trips or not, usually they are at least 90% groceries.

So the damage for feb? $1554-and some odd change. I about died.
So I went back and checked October (I was traveling in November and December so those were not true counts and we got our tax return in Jan plus my husband was home for a little bit so again, not true accounts.) October's damage? $1166- and change.

What the hell???

I now can NEVER say that eating healthy is too expensive. I have spent over $1000 every month probably on TOTAL CRAP.

I have 10000% confidence that I can buy PLENTY of HEALTHY food for MUCH LESS than I have spent previous months. One HUGE help will be never eating out. Oh I am sure once in a while I might go somewhere and try to find something Paleo friendly, but not for a long time, until I have myself under control.

How much do you spend a month? Do you keep track? Because seriously, I was like this- I spend about $200 twice a month at the Commissary, then a few trips between for milk, bread etc. THAT'S REALLY EXPENSIVE EXTRA MILK!!!

I am really pissed at myself and this gives me that much more motivation to do this.

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