Monday, March 21, 2011


I am feeling blah. I want something bad. I want pizza and chocolate. I know I am doing this to be healthier, but there is that part of my brain that is saying "Why can't you have pizza and chocolate today and then pick up where you left off tomorrow?"

When this 30 days is done I may adapt that, MAY. I mean, I am sure I will not go the entire rest of my life not eating pizza or ice cream or chocolate. but I also worry if I let myself have it once, I will fall back into that trap. Bad food is EASY. it's easy to make, tastes good and is usually pretty cheap. Eating healthy is a lot of work, physically and mentally. I have to THINK about what I am eating. I have to really PLAN my meals. if I forget to pull something out of the freezer I can't just go up to McDonalds or Taco Bell. I'm running low on leftovers and I don't know what I am going to eat for lunch today. Because I didn't PLAN anything I am having SERIOUS cravings for bad food. Uuuuuggghhhh!!!

Make it stop.


  1. First of all, CONGRATS on your first week!
    Okay, so I have been EXACTLY where you are and that's when I decided to do it my way. No, not 100% whole30 compliant, but pretty darned great anyway. I had been 95% (love my glass of wine) for about 3 weeks when Jason came home. He was totally on board with doing it, but I needed to have a break from just thinking about it all of the time, so we went to DQ and I had a blizzard--a small one, but I enjoyed every. single. little. bite. and was good. And I didn't feel guilty about it. And then we went to Sams and loaded our cart with a ton of produce and came home and cooked a clean meal and I stopped obsessing. This past weekend we ran our half marathon in ATL, and we sort of treated it like a mini vacation. We had a salad with grilled salmon for lunch, but we didn't obsess wether or not it was marinated in something that had sugar in it (or whatever other "no no" it might have had). We also ran a kick ass race and had pizza that night. But you know what? We WANTED to get back to eating clean today. It just sounded better than the other stuff. And I'm okay with that.
    I'm not saying don't finish this--and I'm going to be super, super impressed if you do the whole 30 days compliantly--I'm just saying if you "slip up", it's not the end of the world like their website (and their bloggers) make it out to be. You have already learned so much about yourself in these past couple of weeks. Just know that we're not going to judge you if it doesn't go 100% how you thought it would.
    Lots of love, Chicka!

  2. I know if I don't finish it *I* will be disappointed in myself. I never finish anything. I always lose a few pounds, then say 'well, that's enough' and stop, go back to eating bad and BAM I gain back everything I lost plus some. I need to get past the craving part and the mental part that is still looking for sweets and things to nibble on throughout the day. I need to add another egg to my breakfast and possibly cut out fruit and nuts completely for a week or two so I stop relying on them as my go-to snack.

    But you're right, if I don't do it 100% it's not the end of the world. But I know I will feel like I failed myself if I don't or can't do it for 30 days. If Arthur on the Biggest Loser can go from weighing nearly 700 pounds, to losing well over 100 pounds just through diet and exercise. I can lose the 60 I am carrying around.

    Because I am such a food addict it is going to take longer for me mentally to get things straight in my head. I really want to finish this 30 days!

  3. Always plan by throwing a few easy-to-reheat things in the freezer as you go. Freeze chili lumps, soups, cooked squash, whatever. You'd be surprised how much easier that can make things.