Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ice cream.

I had ice cream last night. I had been craving a certain flavor of B&J and every time I checked the store didn't have it. So I went last night and they had it. It was good. However, I woke up with terrible gut rot again. It always happens after I eat ice cream before bed. But, that's the last time for a very long time I am eating ice cream, if ever again because I know it upsets my stomach.

This morning I went and bought a huge Brita pitcher for my fridge. I can't tolerate the taste of my tap water so I got a filter. it holds 20 cups of water, which should be good. We used to use one of the smaller pitchers but with so many people in the house we had to fill it after every 2 people drank from it.

I also bought some Larabars to try. Apple Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The chocolate ones are for the kids (They are not whole30 compliant) and actually I do not plan to consume ANY Larabars during my 30 days, but I wanted to try them before I send some to my husband.

I can already feel my mindset changing. Like I said before, I am choosing to eat bad food until my Day 1 because I like how a lot of bad food tastes and I also want to remember how bad it makes me feel. So On the way home from the store I got Sonic. The tots were not good and the diet coke tasted bad. Even the sandwich was bland to me. I think I am just getting tired of eating this way, which is good, because I am really close to my start day.

Today some friends are coming to visit and hang out for the day. I am making chicken and yellow rice as well as brownies for after. (Refer to the choosing to eat this way bit because I know this is not healthy food.)

I will leave you with a couple links to some good looking recipes I plan to try over the next two weeks.
Zucchini pancakes - scroll down till you find the zucchini pancakes.
Sweet potato sausage hash
Chicken fajitas!

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