Thursday, March 10, 2011

Donuts = bad.

In these last few days I had already made the CHOICE to eat bad. In a way (aside from cleaning out the house) I kind of want to remember feeling so rotten so when I start I remember eating this food and feeling bad now. Imagine how my body will feel when I am healthy and eat a donut?

Now why the donut post? I have been paying a lot of attention to my body this past week in relation to the food I consume. My sister-in-law brought home donuts from work last night. They were on the table when I got up. I had two. About an hour later I noticed I was having trouble breathing. Not like OMG I can't breathe!! But like, my air feels thick. Now 2 hours later my nose is really runny and I feel allergy-ish.

Now this COULD have something to do with the rain. I am allergic to mold. But, I find it an odd coincidence that I ate two donuts and now I can't breathe and have a runny nose. (I wans to add I don't have donuts often so I can't really compare this to the last time because I eat donuts like once every few months, if that.)

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