Wednesday, March 9, 2011

6 more days.

6 more days until day 1. I have already decided I am not doing it for 30 days, I am beginning March 15th but I will carry through at least until the end of April. Why? Because I want to see a full month from start to finish, yet I don't want to wait until April 1st to begin. I want to see that whole month for one very important reason. Cost. I want to have one full month of food expenses to calculate and see how that compares to my unhealthy eating. Our unhealthy eating.

I went to Walmart this morning. One of the two within 30 minutes of my house. I went to the slightly closer one. They didn't have the olives I was looking for and the only organic produce I could find were carrots. I did however find some organic frozen chicken breasts. The ingredients were just chicken, but it didn't say if those chicken breasts were dipped in bleach. Why would they say that anyway right? Ingredients: Chicken, bleach. hahaha I read somewhere recently that a lot of chicken is dipped in bleach to squeeze one more day out of its shelf life. THAT IS EFFING GROSS!

So my plan right now is to go to Earth Fare and Whole Foods on Monday with a big cooler of ice and buy FRESH from the BUTCHER CASE. Then come home, prepare anything necessary and freeze that meat. I will buy enough for at least two weeks of meat. Produce I can find locally pretty easy, but protein I cannot. I take that back. I can find protein locally, but not the protein I want. I look at it this way. I can buy local protein from Food Lion or Walmart or even the Commissary, but why? I can afford to buy better quality and I can find it an hour away. I can afford to go an hour away twice a month and stock my new freezer full of a variety of meats so that I will never grow bored of what I am eating. So right now, why settle for buying less expensive, lesser quality when I CAN buy better?

Brennan and I were going to take another walk today to try and find the kids new school, but we didn't. Wednesday's are hard, especially if I run errands after taking Jackson to school. The kids have early release on Wednesdays here so they get out at 1:55 instead of 2:45. I have to get to the school about 40 minutes before it lets out to get a place in line to pick him up. (I could go later, closer to time school lets out but he would be sitting outside waiting for me longer because I would be further back in line.) Anyway, so by the time I got done at Walmart today it was already 9:30 and Brennan needed a nap soon after or he wouldn't get one in before having to leave for the school. That coupled with the fact that they are doing controlled burns here so it's a little smoky outside, which smells bad. So we didn't get in our walk today, but that is ok, we will do it tomorrow morning.

So I have this vision/plan. I would love to get my garage cleaned out, like REALLY cleaned out. Right now you can barely walk in it. There is a path from the big door to the little door, it goes right past the freezer. The rest of the garage is full of crap. In my dream world, I can get a good portion of that junk gone. There are a lot of boxes of books, which would be kept but a lot of the other stuff is just junk. If that junk wasn't there, I would have room for some exercise equipment. Right now I have a treadmill in the house and I have a kettle bell plus some workout dvd's. I want some weights, somewhere to put them and use them. I would love to turn my garage into a fitness area. I really want to do this before we leave here. Once we leave here I know we won't be able to afford to buy that kind of stuff so I want to do it now while we can. The reason for this is that while I know eating healthy will help me lose weight, I want to be fit too. I don't know the first thing about strength training, but I need to become stronger. Hopefully this is something I can accomplish.

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  1. Thanks for the links. And for your honesty in the preparing process. Our family starts Whole30 on Sept 1.