Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snack attack!

Wow... I am not even half way through day 1 and going to the store was a nightmare. Temptation at every turn!

I really want to cut out sweets, but I don't know if I can go cold turkey. I passed up all the chocolate and goodies at Walmart and came home. I separated the chicken I bought so I could freeze some of it. Not enough distraction. I am hungry (because I felt sick during breakfast and therefore didn't eat it all.) And I normally am snacking all day long. My stomach is really growling. I don't know what to eat. Seriously. I am boiling some eggs right now. Funny thing is I am ok with hard boiled eggs, but scrambled, fried, etc. I just don't care for much at all. Now I am not saying I LOVE hard boiled eggs, but I can handle them better. I tried to drink some coconut water. That must be an acquired taste, well actually, I am just used to everything being SO SWEET. I ate some shredded coconut flakes earlier and I was like.. wha? This doesn't taste like a Mounds bar! Because those are full of sugar. So... I am hungry.

I ate a strawberry. I did. I gave into my snack tantrum and ate one small organic strawberry. So sue me. I think I am going to put the baby down for a nap and snack on a slice of turkey and some olives, then get to making lunch.

And I am not going to apologize for posting a zillion times a day. Why? Because this is MY OUTLET. I have no one to talk to other than my 20 month old and his English is very poor. So deal with it!

By the way, I know eating a strawberry isn't a big deal. Fruit is allowed, but I am trying to limit myself to the lower sugar fruits and very rarely so I can get over my sweets addiction.

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