Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whole30 Day 1 - Breakfast

Let's start off by saying that I did not sleep well last night. I don't know if it was the excitement of starting Whole30 or worry about not waking up in enough time to begin breakfast preparations, either way, I slept like crap.

The plan this morning was to make Zucchini pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs.

- 1 medium size zucchini
- 1 medium size green onion
- 1 large egg
- Salt to taste
- Pepper to taste
- 2 tablespoons olive oil for frying

- Grate zucchini into a small bowl.

- Finely chop 1 green onion and mix with the zucchini.
- Combine 1 large egg into the bowl and mix thoroughly adding salt and pepper to taste.
-Spoon three mounds of the zucchini mixture into the pan and fry until lightly browned, pressing down to flatten. Flip and while second side is browning,
Paleo Recipe

Well, they were gross. I made the kids each try a bite before I ever did. I don't think the taste was too bad, but the texture was nauseating. It was very... liquidy/squishy inside. They were cooked all the way, but I think because zucchini is soft inside made the texture not good. Regardless, we are not eating them. The kids had scrambled eggs and I am contemplating my choices.

As the morning has gone on (I have been up for about 2 hours now) My stomach is not happy. I really have never been much of a breakfast person, well, I take that back, much of an EGG person. So I am going to have to find some alternate breakfast options because I have a hard time eating eggs not covered in cheese or on bread.

I've dirtied so many dishes this morning.

I have always loved to BAKE. I have never been good at COOKING. There is a difference. Now I am having to learn to cook and it's interesting to say the least!

So for breakfast today I am settling for 3 eggs, 3 sliced mushrooms and leftover asparagus, all cooked together into a... I dunno. Does it need a name?

I have higher hopes for lunch..

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