Monday, March 7, 2011

Where to shop?

Today and two other days this week I am going to be checking out local and no-so-local groceries. Today I am going to two Apple Crates in Fayetteville and Harris Teeter. I am looking to see where my options are for buying organic/grassfed/pastured proteins as well as where I can locally find good produce.

Tomorrow and one other day this week I will be going to Nature's Own Market in Southern Pines, Lowes Food market in Sanford and Earth Fare in Raleigh. I have heard really good things about Earth Fare. Too bad it's over an hour away from me.

Yesterday I bought a 17.1cu ft upright freezer from someone in the neighborhood PCSing to Alaska soon. It was a good deal, $250 and it's a 3 year old $500 freezer. it's the size of my fridge! I can hold a lot of meat and veggies in there for sure!

I did some googling and I cannot find Coconut water anywhere local. GNC might carry it, I don't know. But I did see that Earth fare carries it. So if I go there once a pay period (We are Military and get paid 2x a month) I can stock up on meats, oils and coconut water there. But then again, some of the places I visit today might carry it.

Those two Apple Crates are very different stores. I have been to one, the Nutrition store. it was mostly vitamins and some frozen foods. The other is a Market, I have not been to that one so I am excited to check those out.

I have made my list of types of food to look for so I can add which stores carry them while I am out searching.

I cannot explain how excited I am for this week to pass so I can begin!

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