Sunday, March 6, 2011

One step closer.

Today I woke up excited for the first time in a long time. I am really looking forward to this change. I kind of wish I could start *now*. But I can't. I *could* throw everything away today and go shopping but 1- what a waste of food and money and 2- I need to prepare. If I dive-in head first I will feel overwhelmed very quickly and quit. I need to take this week to research my shopping options and make a menu for the first week, then a grocery list.

I went to Food Lion this morning. it's right outside my neighborhood so it's convenient and I wanted to take a peek while there and see what they had I could use on this journey. They have a small organic vegetable area with Cauliflower, potatoes (white) bags of kiwis (awesome? yes!) and a few other items. Good to know. There is also where I buy my MetroMint water. I hope I don't have to give that up. It is such a treat and it's not bad for you. (Purified water, mint and cocoa essence). I also looked through their whole foods area and found they carry Coconut oil (two kinds) and a few different kinds of oils and vinegars as well as cooking sprays (grape seed oil? among one of them.) Then I checked out their olives. I will have to find somewhere else to buy those. They have some unpronounceable thing in the ingredients list used to help them regain their coloring. No good. And they were out of the little snack trays I buy the kids (pretzels, cheese cubes, carrots and grapes.) So I said to hell with it! I will make my own! I already had cheese sticks I can cut into cubes, grapes and carrots. I bought pretzels and I will be making those shortly.

I am really looking forward to starting this. Now I just have to get my meal planning in order.

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