Saturday, March 5, 2011

Countdown begins.

Today is Saturday march 5th, 2011. I have spent the majority of my day thus far sitting at the kitchen counter on my laptop reading Whole30 blogs and bookmarking recipes. For the next 9 days I will eat the food in my house. The grains, the dairy, the sugar. Ten days from today my journey begins.

I am looking forward to the restrictions. Only meat, fish, veggies and some fruits. I can have some nuts but I am not a big nut fan so I doubt I will utilize that option. I have been researching local stores to buy grass fed beef and pastured organic eggs. This week I will take my 20 month old out with me to survey grocery stores. I want to know before hand which store are worth going to and which are not.

My biggest concern during this is feeding my kids. They do not necessarily need to do this with me. I am sure it would benefit their health, but I also cannot force my 20 month old to eat eggs or sweet potato when he has never liked them. or force my 5 or ten year old to drink coconut milk or eat olives. Don't get me wrong, they will eat whatever I am making for dinner that night, but until I get my feet firmly on the ground, their breakfast/lunch/snacks will probably remain the same. This does not pose an issue for me, having their food in the house, because I buy them food I don't want. I don't care for cereal and rarely ever eat it. We don't stock many cookies or cakes in the house unless it is a special occasion. I also don't care about fruit snacks. I do plan to whittle down their choices and offer fruits and veggies to them first, which they usually choose. That reminds me.. I was at the store the other day and they had these little snack packs with some grapes, baby carrots, a couple cubes of cheese and a small handful of pretzels. My kids loved them. I can easily make them snacks just like that, which are much better than fruit snacks.

When I begin Whole30, another issue will be breakfast. I am not a huge egg fan, by themselves anyway. And I am deeply in the mindset that breakfast food for breakfast. I have found some great looking breakfast recipes that I am excited to try using non-traditional breakfast foods. I have also never tried an avocado before, but I will during this 30 days. I hope I like them as they are a good source of healthy fat.

So with that I leave you to continue my prep work.

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