Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whole30 anxiety.

As day 1 nears, my anxiety is growing as the newness wears off. This usually happens as I am a pretty negative person by default. Which is why I never accomplish anything I start. Anyway, I decided this time to lay in bed at 5am listening to my 20 month old babble in his crib while I dissected my feelings. I am not concerned about my ability to shop. But I an a control freak about certain things and I am worried about my ability to make a menu that is Whole30 approved. I am worried about cooking the three meals a day and not growing irritated with the shore of it. I am worried about my sister-in-law brining home cookies or donuts. I am frustrated with my youngest son because of his need to get into everything. I worry I won't be able to cook meals without stress with him always under foot in the kitchen trying to climb on the stove.

But now that I have recognized those fears and anxieties I can find a way to deal with them. I think most of it is fear of the unknown. A couple days in and I will have a better idea what I am doing and what I need. So I know it will be ok.

One lingering thought is what to let the kids bring for snack to school. Right now they are eating school lunch, eventually I will change that but I have to get the household meals under control first. I don't want to keep junk in the house for their school snacks so I am searching google for ideas. Kyler doesn't like coconut and Jackson doesn't like raisins. Actually, Kyler doesn't like raisins either, but he also doesn't like cranberries as well. I guess I will just see next week after I shop what I can come up with. I don't want to keep food in the house I cannot eat because the temptation will be there and I need to avoid that for at least 2 weeks so I can recover from the addiction.

Today it is raining, so while the temp is nice, we won't be walking. But that is ok. My ankle needs a day of rest. I had to ice it last night.

I am also thinking that eating this way will hopefully produce less trash, which means I can buy a smaller trash can. Because of Brennan the trash can is on the counter right next to me (eww) and the first day isn't so bad, but the second day it's pretty smelly. We go through too much right now to buy something smaller, but I think next week I will downsize, the smell is nasty.

My initial plan today was to start cleaning out the pantry and throwing things away. I was going to do this during his nap, but now I am going to have to wash the floor. While I was waking Kyler up for school Brennan got under the sink because I apparently forgot to relock the baby lock. He poured mop n glow allover himself and the floor. I needed to wash the floor anyway. Hopefully I will still get a chance to make some changes in the pantry today too.

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