Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm struggling today.

Really struggling. I went to the store to get household necessities and more cereal for the kids and temptation was everywhere. I was having a hard time ignoring it today. There was a new flavor of ice cream at the store. it was peanutbutter ice cream with peanutbutter swirl and caramel chunks and marshmallow swirl. uuuugh. I did not buy it.

I want to do this, I do. I am tired of being overweight and feeling bad about myself. Week 1 I felt fine, I was good. Today I feel... deprived. I want to eat food I like. I like chocolate. I like peanutbutter. I like ice cream. But these foods are what got me here. Where do I draw the line? I don't exercise enough to include those foods in my daily life. But I like them. I like pizza and spaghetti and tomatoes. I am tired of eating the same bland food every day.

I feel terrible. Coming off such a great week now I feel like I want to fling myself head first into a bucket of chocolate.

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  1. Tracy,
    Don't give up! Just remember..it's your body throwing a "tantrum." it will get better...I promise!