Friday, March 18, 2011

Whole30 Day 4 - Lunch

For lunch today I chopped up some leftover skirt steak and sauteed it in some avocado oil, then sauteed leftover green beans in the drippings and ate that with a baked sweet potato. It was pretty good!

It is really lovely outside today so I took a little walk with Brennan this morning. I am glad it stopped raining and being cold, but I hope it continues into next week so I can walk more than one day.

I think my sister-in-law quit doing this with me. This morning she said that eating this way has made her lose enjoyment in food/eating. That she doesn't enjoy it anymore. To which I replied "Then don't do it. No one is forcing you." And she didn't take any food with her to work, so I can only assume she's going to eat what she normally does since it is noon and she won't get home till really late. But that is her choice. I am still going to cook the food I want to for this way of living because I want to be healthy and I want to lose weight and have clear skin and a better relationship with food. I am sad she isn't going to continue with it, but maybe she'll find a happy medium somewhere after a couple days.

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