Monday, March 7, 2011

Grocery excursion day 1.

I have quite a few stores to check out, though after today's adventure I don't know if I will check out the rest or not.

This is what I am looking for-
Pastured organic eggs.
Organic grass fed beef/bison/buffalo.
Pastured organic chicken and turkey.
Organic grass fed lamb.
Variety of good quality produce.
Avocado oil.
Coconut oil.
Macadamia nut oil.
Coconut butter.
Coconut flakes. (raw, organic, unsweetened.)
Coconut water.
Coconut milk (full fat, canned).
Olives (without ferrous gluconate).

This is what I found today.
First I went to Apple Crate on Camden Rd. then I went to Apple Crate on Raeford Rd.
Both have the oils I am looking for-
Avocado oil- $10.55
Macadamia oil- $13.99
Coconut oil- $20.55 (29oz) or $25.45 (32oz)
Coconut butter- $10.00
Coconut milk- $2.35/can
Coconut water- $1.99

The one on Raeford had a grocery/frozen section but did not carry the protein I was looking for.

Harries Teeter on Raeford Rd was next.
They did not have any of the oils I was looking for. They have EVOO, which I already have and every store carries that.
They do have a very nice produce section and a large organic produce section. All their produce looked fresh and good quality.
Coconut water- reg. $2.99 on sale 2/$5.00
Organic chicken- $8.99-10.99/lb
Organic ground bison- $8.99/lb

Neither are at the top of my list for go-to stores, especially since they are a good 40 minutes from my house, longer if traffic is bad like it was today.

My next step is to either go visit Earth Fare and Whole Foods in Raleigh this week, or just assume they have what I need and go on Monday with a grocery list and a cooler. The reason for the second option is that Earth Fare is 80 minutes or so from my house, so a casual drive there isn't so casual when I have a 20 month old in tow and a deadline to be back by so I can pick my 5 y/o up from school. A friend said I can find pretty much everything I am looking for at either Earth Fare or Whole Foods, so I may just head up there on Monday with a cooler and a shopping list and hope for the best.

Why am I doing this? I went back and forth about sharing this blog with a small select few or just pasting it on my FB for everyone to see. I didn't want to have to defend my positions, I hate debating, I hate having to justify why I am doing something for myself. But for the record, these are the reasons I am doing this. (This being Whole30/Paleo, cutting out processed food from my diet. Surviving for 30 days on a strict diet of meat, fish, vegetables and some fruits.)

Every time I eat a 'normal' meal I feel gross after. Bloated, crappy, lethargic, gross. Any time I have a snack (usually junk food) I feel the same way. I am tired of feeling that way.

I have never had clear skin since I became a teenager and through my adulthood thus far. My skin has always been terrible and it makes me feel bad about myself. I say if eating clean food will give me clean skin, I am all for trying it.

My 10 year old gets pimples on his face and has been wearing deodorant since he was 8 years old. I have heard that children are physically aging faster because of all the growth hormones put into the animals we are eating. If eating clean will help to not poison his young body, I am all for it. (Eating clean means eating protein that has not been injected with antibiotics to speed their growth or combat disease caused my their terrible diets.)

My 5 year old throws tantrums like no one else and has a terrible sleep pattern. If cutting out sugar and processed food will help him be less angry all the time as well as allow him better sleep quality, I am all for it.

Both my older kids have trouble concentrating. If cutting down on sugary foods and introducing more real food into their diets will help this, why not try?

*I* have trouble concentrating.
Despite buying a new awesome bed, I still sleep terrible.
I have pain in my back, knees, ankles etc.
I am recovery very slowly from an ankle injury.
I am overweight and unhealthy.
I want to learn how to have a better relationship with food. A relationship where I use food to fuel my body, not as a reward or a friend or something to comfort myself with.

There are things I cannot eat. (At least for the 30 days)
Dairy of any kind.
Sugar of any kind. (fresh fruit is ok, syrups, artificial sweeteners etc. are not.)
Alcohol, not even to cook with.
White potatoes.
Processed foods. (frozen meals etc.)

Does that seem to limit my diet? NO WAY.

What CAN I eat?

I have this amazing list of fruits and vegetables, categorized by their nutrient density as well as which I should try to buy organic to avoid pesticides.
I have a list of what kinds of meat are good and what quality to look for.
I have a list of GOOD FATS to consume daily!
I have a list of approved nuts that I can consume as part of my daily healthy fat!
I have a list of quantities for every meal. Palm sized portion of protein and fill my plate with 2 veggies. Fat portions depend on what it is.

The point is, I have a guide, I have a plan and I have a plethora of amazing food out there that is GOOD for my body that will FUEL my body, not make it feel gross.

If you don't support this change, I respect your right to do so, but I am still going to do it. Please don't push your sugar bombs on me.

If you're willing to support this change, I thank you and encourage you to bookmark this page as I will update it daily.

I also encourage you to evaluate your own diet and how your body feels. If you want to become educated on what I am doing, visit or visit this link Whole30 v3.11

Well that's all for now! I have chores to do.

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