Monday, March 14, 2011

Pre dinner.

Tonight was supposed to be Chinese. The last hurrah so to speak. I decided I was tired of eating crappy food and changed our dinner plans at the last minute. And since I did shopping, but not for a meal for tonight I had to run up to the store to get something easy for dinner tonight. *yikes!*

Beef eye round steaks bought from Food Lion seasoned with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and fresh ground rosemary garlic blend and EVOO.
Yellow squash

Not pictured is the cantaloupe I bought for after dinner.

Edited to update:
The steaks were tasty, but tough, because that's the cut of meat it was and I didn't have 6 hours to soak them. I sauteed the squash with EVOO and garlic, it was OK, but not great. I sauteed the asparagus in EVOO mixed with the steak drippings, it was yummy!

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