Friday, March 25, 2011

Whole30 Day 11 - Dinner

Leftover chicken sausage, leftover green beans.

I feel really rotten. I didn't even want to eat dinner at all but I knew I needed something in my stomach to fuel it since the last thing I ate was that damn chocolate bar. My stomach is not happy. My blood is not happy. I feel weak, like I am going to collapse or pass out or something and at other times I feel like I am going to be sick.


Seriously people, I feel like I drank a 6 pack of redbull and ate a gallon of lard. (I imagine, I have never actually consumed either.)

But seriously, I feel really terrible and I did not want to eat dinner but I made myself eat a little bit of food to try and work that sugar and grossness out of my system and I am drinking a ton of water.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.

But I wanted to say this. I know I have been complaining about the weight this week, I know. But you know what? I have been noticing something, well a few things actually. My skin is clearing up. it isn't perfect, but I can see my pores actually getting smaller! Another is, since having baby #3 and gaining weight, I have had this belly flap hanging down. Since giving birth I have had to slightly lift it to see my c-section scar. I noticed this week that with each passing day I can see the scar more and more without moving my belly flap, because it's going away! 6.5 years ago before I got pregnant the second time, I had a mostly flat belly, soft, but flat. In 11 days I would guess I have lost a good 2 inch hang off my belly. Hopefully sometime this year I will have that flat belly back.

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