Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whole30 Day 8 - Dinner

Applegate sweet italian chicken & turkey sausages. (no sugar, I swear!) And leftover green beans.

Today was very difficult. There were many times I just about threw in the towel. Then I would look down at the muffin top hanging over the edge of my pants and remember why I am doing this. Then an hour later i'd be about to give in again and some other flabby part of my body would remind me why I am doing this. *sigh* I hope this ends soon. I'm also pretty low on variety for food stuffs for the next week, which is making things hard. I'm not giving up, there is a end to this tantrum.

Edited to add snacks for today..
I had a bowl of green grapes and strawberries earlier, before lunch. I think that was my only snack today if I remember right.

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