Monday, March 28, 2011

Whole30 Day 14 - Breakfast

2 eggs and a slice of nitrate free bacon cut in half.

I am thinking I need to find a way to cut back on the salt, i've been feeling bloaty and sort of... dried out if that makes sense.

Almost 1/2 way through the '30 days' and about 1/3 of the way through the 45 days I am actually doing!

I discovered yesterday that I need a chef's coat. I don't own many long sleeved shirts and even if I did I wouldn't wear them to cook. I am getting grease splatters on my arms while cooking and while it isn't leaving marks or anything, a long sleeved chef's coat would prevent that from happening while I pan sear steaks and chicken or make bacon etc. And it wouldn't matter if it got grease splatters on it, compared to my actual clothes which I care about. But hmm would I look silly standing in my kitchen wearing a chef's coat?

Anyway, I think today I am finally going to add in some exercise. I remembered I have a DVD that I enjoy doing and I have done before. After my 2nd son was born I used this DVD 6 days a week for 3 months and lost like 30 pounds if I remember right. So hopefully adding some exercise will continue to help my progress. I am by no means saying I am going to start exercising 6 days a week, I think I am so out of shape that would fizzle out fast. I will start slow with like 2 days a week, maybe 3.

I also bought anther chocolate bar yesterday-

I didn't eat it yesterday and I probably won't eat it today but I will eat it before the end of the week because April1st starts my SERIOUS attempt at this. I say serious because well, I ate a chocolate bar (not allowed) and I had bacon and am having bacon again today (has sugar). And I am going to do my best to complete the month of April as clean as possible but I am not going to stress out over it. I probably won't even seek out grass fed meat because it is far away and expensive. I will do the best I can with what I have available locally and that is all I can do. Anyway back to the chocolate- The other one was organic and loaded with oils/liquers etc. this one is different, which is why I bought it, to see if there was a difference in how I felt eating something natural. (Ingredients- cacao beans, sugar, cocoa butter, non-gmo soy lecithin and whole vanilla beans) This will be my last attempt at chocolate for a while so I hope it's good!

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