Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whole30 Day 16 - Breakfast

Two eggs fried in pam spray.

Something has to change, because honestly I am getting depressed doing this. I know it isn't about weight, it is about being healthy. But I cannot help feeling down about all the work I am doing food-wise and not seeing those changes reflected on the scale in a positive way. I stopped tracking my food, I stopped worrying and started just eating. I don't know what the issue is. Lack of exercise? But you would think with 60+ pounds to lose, a little more would come off just from eating better. Right now I am in the process of GAINING back the 7 pounds I lost so far and it's really frustrating.

Maybe I need to make some diet changes? I never ate much beef before starting this, very little, like once a month if that. And now I am eating it a lot more often, multiple times a week. Seasoning steaks involves a lot of salt, and I think my salt consumption is WAY up too from where it was before Whole30, so that needs to cut back too. I feel very bloated every day.

When I started this I thought I would feel great and all that, but I honestly don't feel much different. I have noticed I have slept better in the last 2 nights, but it isn't enough to be a pattern to me. My skin is still breaking out, I am still wearing the same size pants and they aren't loose and I don't have extra energy.

I am feeling pretty down about this choice right now and am wondering if it is worth the time, effort and money I am putting into it.

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