Monday, April 11, 2011

Whole30 Day 28 - Breakfast

I'm feeling a little off today. The kids are sick with some vomiting stomach bug. I don't know if I am projecting and don't feel well because I assume I am going to get it or if I really am getting sick. I have been drinking tea and taking tums to keep my tummy settled. This morning I have no desire to eat, but I am hungry. Nothing sounds good except a peace or two of toast. I would go ahead and have some toast but I don't know yet what reintroducing grains will do to my body and I won't want to make myself sick on accident. Finally after a few hours of trying to decide, I settled on having some leftover chicken sausage and a baked sweet potato.

I feel so very tired and worn down. I really want specific things- PB/banana on toast, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, warm biscuits with butter.. sensing a theme here? I want carbs. And I would gladly have them if I know how my body would react. But I won't, so I won't. Day 28, almost done with 30 days, wow.

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