Monday, April 4, 2011


I don't talk much about exercise because I don't do a lot of it and when I do it isn't the cool crossfit or P90X workouts a lot of others do. My workouts consist of walking. Either after the kids go to bed on the treadmill or in the morning with Brennan in the stroller. Today it was nice so we walked in the neighborhood. This neighborhood is pretty hilly and some of those hills are killer to go up. I did my 2 miles and stretched and now I am eating half a baked sweet potato and some turkey sausage links for fuel. To be honest I usually don't eat at night after I workout. But then, those are slow walks on the treadmill, more just to keep moving than for exercise. Plus I don't like eating right before I go to bed anymore. I want my body to be burning fat while I am sleeping, not digesting food. I have not been able to rearrange my schedule to get up at 5am and work out, I have been very sleepy lately. And why does exercise make me so exhausted? After I exercise, I feel all jello-like and all I want to do is sit around. I definitely don't feel energized, which is another reason I prefer working out at night, then I can fall right into bed lol

Yea, so that's all I have to say about that.

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