Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whole30 Day 20 - Dinner

Salsa chicken (chicken marinated in cilantro garlic muir glen salsa and baked) with steamed broccoli and sweet potato.

The further I get into this, the more I am thinking about the future. I am almost done with Whole30, but I still have a few weeks left of Whole45 (or is it 46?) until the end of April. When that time comes, I will be done here. Then what? I have been doing some researching and it seems that Primal is the closest to what I am doing now, if not exactly like what I am doing now. I am 100% fine with eating this way for the rest of my life. I will take the rest of this month to become more comfortable in the kitchen cooking these new meals, then I will slowly begin to convert the kids.

Right now they still eat school lunch and cereal but I will slowly wean them off most of the bad stuff, all if I can. The hardest part in that is Brennan is very picky. He will not eat meat, he will not eat fish (unless it is a fish stick). He loves fruit but it gives him the runs, which then causes rashes. He loves juice, hates water. I got him to keep drinking milk by giving him 1% instead of whole milk. He likes some vegetables, but not all of them and quite often throws his food on the floor instead of eating it. But if he throws all his dinner on the floor and so I give him CARBS instead of MEAT AND VEGGIES he digs right in. He is 21 months old and just isn't mentally able to be reasoned with yet. So first I will tackle the kids school lunches. I am not sure how to do that quite yet because they like sandwiches and don't want hard boiled eggs and leftovers in their lunch boxes. I wish I knew some people going through what I am so I could ask for advice or get an idea of what others are doing or trying.

Either way, I am making the change. Yes, I get flickers of temptation when I make the kids a PB&J or smell fresh baking bread in the store. But I have 'cheated' already and know my body cannot handle that kind of food. Granted I have not tried to add any grains or dairy back in yet, but that is because it hasn't been long enough. I am going to wait that out for a few months and let my body heal before I see how it reacts.

So when I am done with this, I will start a new blog, because I won't be Whole30 blog of a SAHM, i'll be Primal, so I will need a new blog name.. hrrmm.

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  1. How did you decide between Primal and Paleo, and why? I'm trying to figure out my long term goals too....