Sunday, April 10, 2011

Whole30 Day 27 - Lunch

I am starving. I feel like I am coming down off a sugar high I am so hungry I am shaking. I had olives and a leftover chicken sausage around 1030am for a snack because I was hungry then too. Two hours later I am famished and realize I have NO protein made up in the fridge. *headdesk* I do have some packs of thawed chicken sausages so I cooked up the tomato basil ones to try out. I don't feel like eating tuna right now so.. I wonder why I feel like this. I have not eaten any differently today than other days aside from adding in the olives/chicken brat snack at 1030 when I was hungry. hrmm.

I also had a sweet potato and some roasted cauliflower from last night. I still don't feel right, kind of shaky. Maybe I am getting sick.

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