Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whole30 Complete!

Total weight loss: 13.8 lbs
Total inches loss: 17.0

(Inches calculated from full body measurements.)

I am quite pleased with the changes to my body during this 30 days. I am not done, but the first 30 days has gone by a lot faster than I thought it would, with a lot of ups and downs. The cravings were hard, as well as trying to see how my body adjusted to the foods I was eating. I know my activity level is way too low and I need to find ways to increase that to continue to lose weight. I am disappointed that my skin hasn't really cleared up much, which was one of the big things I was hoping for. I am sleep a lot better, I have more energy and my stress level has gone down. I have more patience and don't lose my temper as often. I don't crave a lot of bad things anymore and what I do I think is not really a craving but remembering how good they were. I am worried about cheating and how my body will react to those foods if I try to eat them but I am sure I will indulge in something off the list some time soon just to see. I also need to work on trying out more recipes and types of food. I am getting in a rut, but I got my Primal books in the mail and there are tons of tasty looking recipes in there.

I may continue to post on this blog through the end of the month, but only when I make something new. I won't post my meals of leftovers and breakfasts of fried eggs, you've seen that enough already. Eventually I will move and start a Primal blog, or just stop blogging, I have not decided yet.

But in all, this was a very positive experience, I am glad I did it and I learned a lot about myself, my body and food.

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