Friday, April 8, 2011

Whole30 Day 25 - Lunch

Leftover chicken soup.

I'm pretty stressed today and feeling a bit down. I am worried about the Government shutdown and what it will do to us. Being military, if the shut down does happen, next week we won't get enough of a paycheck to pay our mid-month bills and then won't get anything until a decision is reached on the budget. That means I will have little to no money for food. I will have to see if our bills will allow us to pay late so I have money to food. Which brings me to another issue. If we do only get half a paycheck, I will have to take some of the LITTLE money we have in savings to grocery shop. Until now I had been driving an hour away to get local/grass fed meats. This takes 1/4 tank of gas and costs more than buying grain-fed meat. Until this crisis is over I may have to just buy what I can locally at the store. But then, do I buy from walmart? Or do I spent the $40 to get a Sam's membership and buy as much in bulk as I can so if we run out of money we still have food?

I just don't know. I hope I wake tomorrow to a decision and all this isn't an issue. *hoping*

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